All our cakes are round, with the exception of our 3kg cake which would be a 9x9 inch square, serving approximately 40 people.


At Labonel, our focus is on diameter and servings of the cake or gateau. Hence, we have three standard sizes available:

7-inch, serving 10-12 people.
8-inch, serving 12-15 people.
9-inch, serving 20-25 people.


For your convenience, we refer to the 7 inch cake as 1 kg, 8 inch as 1 1/2 kg and 9 inch as 2 kg.
Please note that the weight of each cake is more than the relative weight specified.


All Roulades (also known as Rolls) are in standard size.


All tarts are made in a 7-inch or 9-inch tart tin. Individual mini tarts are also available by the dozen.


For optimum flavour, we request you ensure the cake is served at the right temperature. With our weather conditions in mind, please keep all cakes with icing/frosting and or cream refrigerated. Where room temperature is specified, remove from fridge 1-2 hours before serving.


The right equipment ensures the right results. All cakes should be sliced with a thin, sharp knife for perfect slices. A cake server is an ideal tool to transfer the slice onto the dessert plate with ease.